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Captivating customers with customization

How do you captivate today’s consumer, who wants customization and personalization for any product?

How does a specialty retailer compete with the big brands and mega-retailers that provide this, and turn a profit at the same time?

That was the question New Normal Consulting was asked after being approached by Hexa Recreation Products, a high-end international manufacturer of premium customized goods.

After extensive research to determine the best approach, New Normal approached Capsule to bring their concept to life.

The custom jacket kiosks would be displayed at two boutique outdoor stores: Ute Mountaineer in Aspen, Colo. and Midwest Mountaineering in Minneapolis.

You can find more kiosks here. produced by one of the usa manufacturer

Other Outdoor kiosk examples:

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    KKiosks Manufacturer

    Yea these guys are good… Drop in to say hi..

    From KKiosks Manufacturer

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    Outdoor digital kiosks are very practical for any business now. You can use them for trade show, advertisement display, self serving kiosk and etc. Good investment.

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