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Wayfinder Digital Signage is the ideal partner for a wide range of businesses

wayfinder digital signage

Wayfinder Digital Signage is the ideal partner for a wide range of businesses that seek to enhance their brand image and increase their customer base. These signs feature state-of-the-art technology which means they can easily be adapted to suit individual requirements. In addition, the displays are designed to accommodate the most up to date software and hardware standards so that the signage is not at a disadvantage when it comes to displaying advertisement campaigns. There is no need to worry about technical incompatibility as the wayfinder digital interactive displays and smart screens are both compatible with common computer software packages such as Microsoft XP, Window NT, Macintosh OS and Linux operating systems. This ensures that the signage is able to run seamlessly alongside multiple computers on the same network.

Wayfinder Digital Signage is particularly beneficial for restaurants, hotels, educational facilities, shopping centres and fast food outlets. Restaurants and other business offer an exceptional opportunity to create a buzz in any location with their customised, bespoke style of advertising. This can be achieved by adding interactive media solutions to the signage – a great way to ensure customers are always aware of the specials and new promotions, or to boost brand recognition. Interactive media solutions include full-color digital LED screens that can be used to display promotional information, advertisements and interactive entertainment material. The ease of use makes wayfinder digital signage a highly effective solution.

Another way in which wayfinder digital signage enhances the shopping experience is in the area of indoor kiosks. Kiosk installations allow customers to interact with the brand or offer in a comfortable and safe environment. For example, a restaurant might place promotional T-shirts or work boots on display in an indoor kiosk, offering a unique way to promote existing products or to encourage new purchases. With so many different aspects of the shopping experience to enhance, the addition of a kiosk allows customers to carry out all of their routine tasks whilst taking in the latest advertisements. As well as promotional items, there are other retail tools that can be added to the indoor kiosks to boost their usefulness and create an even more positive shopping experience.

Wayfinder displays often contain touch screens or interactive touch displays, allowing for not only a wide-ranging collection of promotional tools but also the ability to choose high quality digital hand sanitizers. Customers are constantly faced with the challenge of the potentially contaminated hands, which are likely to become dirty after frequent access to toys, sweets and other items. By offering a range of sanitizers on offer, the signage allows customers to feel confident in their purchase and ensures that they have the best quality digital hand sanitizers at hand. With this additional support, a bespoke wayfinding digital signage solution can be implemented to boost customer satisfaction and boost conversion rates.

Wayfinders can also feature in other types of media solutions, including outdoor signage. An outdoor kiosk can be designed to incorporate a graphic display that features Wayfinder digital signage technology, creating an attractive and engaging location to promote your product or service. Exhibitors can design these kiosks to be dynamic and allow for easy access and interaction with consumers. Interactive advertising solutions that feature Wayfinder signage allow your target audience to engage and interact with your content, increasing brand recognition and sales.

Wayfinder digital signage displays offer the best quality images and the highest level of resolution, ensuring your images are displayed as clear and sharp as possible. They have a full 24-hour daylight saving time and low-light technologies, providing not only excellent light displays but also a high quality picture. These screens are suitable for all weather conditions and have received certification by the Information Systems Standards Council (ISCS). For maximum durability and reliability you should buy these screens from a reputable supplier, with the best UK suppliers offering the best quality digital signage screens and technical support to ensure your screens operate at full capacity. Ensure you buy your screens from a reliable online supplier with a proven track record in the market. By taking advantage of our digital directory you can quickly find the perfect wayfinding digital signage solution to enhance your advertising and increase the efficiency of your promotion.