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Touch Screen Information Kiosks – East Williston, NYC

touch screen information kiosk in East Williston, NYC

“Connect and Engage with Customers in your Industry.” I’m sure any self respecting New Yorker can relate to this sentiment. It is one of the many challenges businesses face in a competitive marketplace today, especially in a slow economy.

The kiosk is a relatively recent technological improvement in the industry. Prior to its invention the customer had to either enter data into the computer by hand or have it delivered to them on paper. The kiosk however, eliminates the need for the human contact between the customer and the service provider.

In East Williston, NYC at the Times Square Supermarket the new touch screen information kiosk is set up in a familiar location facing Times Square and the popular shopping malls. At first glance it may not appear to be much of a change, but when you look closer you begin to see the advantages of the kiosk. First it is going to provide all of the services of an existing information kiosk including touch screen information, access to maps and direction to the store front as well as sales and coupons.

Second it will be able to dispense a wide variety of products to the customer from local specialty foods to local call center services. Think of it as the ultimate mobile information terminal. Customers are still required to insert credit card information and a receipt must be produced. However, now they will be doing so in their chair in the home or office. Think of it as a revolution in retail. In most markets the kiosk is going to replace existing cash registers, therefore, the customer is still going to have to swipe a card in order to complete their purchase.

The kiosk itself is going to be a touch screen information kiosk and not your traditional cash register. This makes it very easy to access all of the features available. Even the display used by the kiosks is not LCD. Instead it is a monochrome LED. This gives the kiosks a 3D effect and a much more realistic look than a traditional computer screen.

You also have a choice of various models that can be purchased for your business. If you choose a kiosk with a built-in touch screen you can set it up quickly and easily in any location where merchandise is sold. You simply need to transfer the product to the payment terminal and swipe the card through the reader which verifies the cardholder’s information and then allows the transaction to be made. Then the information is sent to the company’s online system or to the customer’s location where the kiosk is installed. The touch screen kiosks are also capable of providing the customer with basic routing instructions as well as route maps.

These touch screen information kiosks are a great way to cut down on fraud since they eliminate the need for a cashier. For example, a kiosk at a clothing store could eliminate the need for a cashier as customers enter the store with their items. This also eliminates the need for a waiting line of people who are waiting to pay for items they just purchased. Another benefit is that you won’t need a cashier to take payments and transfer money from the customer to you. Again, this is a great benefit if the product is something you sell in bulk such as milk and other grocery items. These kiosks are also beneficial if you sell products such as textbooks and magazines through your website or e-commerce store.

These touch screen information kiosks are also a great asset for tourist attractions. If you provide free Wi-Fi in your building you can expect people from out of town to stop by to use the Internet while in the area. Since these kiosks display your website information, people will know what the hours of operation are, how long they will be on the site and what specials you have running. You will also be able to capture demographic information on them so you can tailor your marketing and sales efforts to that area. In East Williston, NYC there are plenty of things that you can do with information kiosks, and it is a good investment to install them in various locations throughout the city.