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Interactive Wayfinding Software Technology and Indoor Maps Create Customer Loyalty

Wayfinding is a system used to find locations and routes. It could either be physical or digital. There are numerous uses for wayfinding in the field. It could be for security, public safety and operational purposes. It is also used as a communication system between people and other organizations. Digital wayfinding uses digital maps whereas physical wayfinding uses magnetic map projections.

wayfinding software

A good example of wayfinding software is the Business Guidance Pro. It is available in both paper and digital format. This tool aids in creating floor plans and route diagrams. Employees are given easy access to their workplaces through the touch screen interface of the application. It also features touch screen friendly business cards for quick identification. The Business Guidance Pro wayfinding software allows you to create and modify work schedules, employee schedule, and project schedules and track employee performance.

Another popular way finding software is the My Area and Zagat maps application. It offers a unique combination of indoor and outdoor mapping services for property owners and managers. It includes the ability to add, edit and delete waypoints as well as to change street views. Users can enter detailed address searches and place a virtual tour right beside the street address on the map. In addition, it has real time wayfinding technology with the innovative touch of a button, providing instant access to any address on the map.

Other wayfinding software products include Hotelining Maps which is ideal for the operation of hotel, motel, bed and breakfast and travel operations. The maps feature flexible street and area maps which can be easily changed and updated. It allows the route of vehicles and provides a dynamic view of the interior of the establishment. Furthermore, the maps are customizable and provide multiple choices of street views.

Wayfinding Software also provides a desktop solution with automatic wayfinding software that displays a comprehensive floor plan. It has flexible zoom and pan functions and the maps are easily changed and updated in real time. This gives the user an integrated view of all vital information like location, room assignments, phone numbers, address searches and e-mail notifications. Automatic updates ensure that the information is accurate and up-to-date. Moreover, the software can be scheduled to run at designated times without manual intervention or user intervention.

Other important wayfinding software solutions are those that provide interactive ways to manage the schedule of employees. Interactive technology assists in taking benefit of the employees by making them aware of their daily activities from the minute they enter the office. For example, with an interactive wayfinding software solution, the receptionist is reminded of all upcoming appointments and meetings during her work break and the administrative assistant is able to check the website to see the schedule of the next meeting. Interactive technology helps to streamline the operations of employees thereby reducing the chances of human errors. Therefore, it is essential for companies to invest in efficient indoor maps and interactive technology to help the employees take up new challenges and take up new responsibilities with ease.