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Digital Hand Sanitiser – A Useful Product for the Health Sector

The modern world is fraught with diseases such as Hand Sanitiser, flu and other ailments that require quick clean up of hands before contact with other people. The ever improving technology has now taken this to a higher level with the introduction of the LCD Digital Hand Sanitiser. This has become a handy item in a number of situations where one might require digital cleaning of hands before shaking hands or passing on an object.

digital hand sanitiser

The LCD Digital Hand Sanitiser Dispensers not just dispenses a safe and hygienic means to clean your hands, these displays also can be configured to deliver specific information and digital data on the screen. These displays are normally used by hospitals, schools and nursing homes to display sanitary rules and regulations to keep patients and visitors healthy. The digital signage software available in these digital hand sanitiser units enables the screens to be easily manipulated to present the various sanitary parameters such as temperature, humidity, blood pressure and light levels.

The LCD Digital Floor Standing Dispensers come with two different options, wall mounted and floor standing. Wall mounted units are the commonest in commercial settings due to their flexibility and portability. They are easy to install and remove as well as being easy to upgrade. The floor standing devices can be easily laid on a tiled area. Some of the wall mounted models are floor standing and come with a built in, auto shut off mechanism to ensure that the unit is not left on during operating hours. Other features available in these units include auto shut off, water dispenser and sanitizer cartridge storage.

Some of the advantages of using the wall mountable device are that they have the advantage of being movable. This feature is not available with the in-built hand sanitiser units. Furthermore, these are considerably cheaper than the wall mounted units. The LCD displays used in these screens are capable of displaying large amounts of data and graphics. They have a resolution of over 576 pixels and can display colour or gray tones.

The two main components used in the wall mounted dispensing devices are the lcd panels and the LCD screens. The lcd panels are generally used for the advertising purposes while the screen used for dispensing is generally the LCD TV. Both these devices are capable of providing sanitary and germicidal effects when properly operated. They can also be easily switched on and off depending upon the need.

The digital signage screens available with the digital hand sanitiser dispensers are generally used for indoor environments where sanitation is of paramount importance. They display relevant information about the contamination level in the indoor environment. These screens can also be programmed to display specific messages for the control of contaminated areas. The heat mapping capabilities help these screens to adjust their temperature to the changes in the environment. It helps them to display information about the changes in the temperature.

Digital hand sanitiser dispensers can help to improve the health safety standards in the workplace by reducing the chances of spreading germs. The electronic screens can display various safety messages such as the low temperature alerts, the freezer area, the food preparation area etc. These dispensers are controlled by the central monitoring stations through touch screen panels. The central dispensing units are usually fitted with touch pad controls, temperature and humidity control buttons, visual indicators for critical safety levels and other functionalities that help to increase productivity.

The digital signage software helps to control the functions of the dispenser and display all relevant information concerning the dispenser. It displays the information as icons or text messages to be shown on the digital hand sanitiser display screen. Most of the companies use the touch screen technology to control the LCD hand sanitiser dispensers. This technology allows the easy replacement of the bulbs, lids and other components. The signage software is designed to display the information in a professional manner.